"Default" or "Primary" leadership position

I think it would be great if we could mark a leadership position as primary or default. That way, when viewing the Manage / Patrols page the correct leadership position could be displayed. For example, we have people with multiple roles such as Committee Member and Treasurer. What I think is happening is the position that was started first shows up. In this example the person has been a committee member for a longer period of time and just started Treasurer. When viewing the Manage / Patrols page the person is shown only as Committee Member.

Or, probably even easier since it wouldn’t require any changes to the database, would be to change the display to show all active positions like this;


I agree, it would be great to see leadership positions be ranked or able to adjust them. We have had situations where one person is pulling double duty. Currently for AHG, the default is always “Adult Member” instead of the actual leadership position the person is serving as. I go in and change it but it remains the “Adult Member” unless I change the dates of when the role “Started” and “Ended”. Very frustrating to not be able to order the leadership positions.
Hillarrie Jones