Add/Update multiple leadership positions at a time

It would be nice to have check boxes or select multiple leader positions for a person to add to a person all at once instead of adding each one individually.


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Before our developers can consider this, let’s get a little more feedback from the community.

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I agree. With larger troops, updating leadership positions is an onerous task. I am requesting a list based leadership update capability (as simple as Scout name & Patrol, Position-Current and an option for new, Start date, End date)

I’m not sure if anything has been done with this yet, however I am running into the same issue.

We just had our elections for our crew officers. As it is today, I have to go to each scout, add an end date to their current leadership position (if they had one), then add their new position. More over, I don’t have a good way to see what positions each scout has in the crew.

I would suggest a Manage Crew (or troop) Leadership positions page. It could list each position, with a simple dropdown box to select the new scout for that role from the roster, add a start date (maybe have an election date that could apply to all updates). After an update, any position with a new scout listed would add and end date to the leadership to the previous scout and add a start date for the newly elected scout.

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I am not sure how it looks for a Crew but for a Troop the first option on the Manage Menu is Patrols, and the page that comes up shows the Scouts listed in their Patrols and their current position is listed under their name. I do agree that it would be nice to have an option to do this in bulk to save time.