Access Levels: "None" now means NONE! (06/24/2015)

We pushed some bug fixes live this morning, including a fix and performance improvement for the Achieve -> Overview page for Packs. 

The most important bug fix is to the "None" Access Level. Previously this did nothing and was essentially the same as the "Self" access level. Now, NONE MEANS NONE. So... if you give someone an access level of None, they will not be able to interact with your unit's TroopTrack account at all.

As part of this, we changed the access level for anyone with "None" to "Self", since previously these two values were the same and we didn't want to freak out a lot of people who could previously see their own records by suddenly giving them no access at all. If you have previously set someone's access level to "None" with the intent of denying them all access to TroopTrack for your unit, you will need to do it again.