Update 8-8

Good afternoon everyone. A few quick updates.

  1. Web pages require titles now so they don’t get lost or become ghost pages.
  2. The Service Summary report now has the headers for each column
  3. Achievements are calculated better. (some went over 100% and this caused issues)
  4. You can now set an access level on Troop Documents. When you set an access level on a document, only that level and above can see it now.

Thanks and have a nice day!

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Yesterday, I uploaded a document for “Unit” level access. After I did it, I edited the document and set the access level to the blank option at the top of the drop down. When I saved this, the document no longer showed up on the list of Troop Documents. I uploaded the document again and kept the access level at the blank option and it never showed up on the Troop Documents list. So, I uploaded it a third time and this time I set access level to Unit and the document showed up.

As a suggestion, you might want to force the webpage to select one of the non-blank options or else default the blank option to “Unit” since I think that was how it worked prior to this update.

This is a bug. We are going to remove the blank option. For now, the lowest level should be “Self.”

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I have a followup:
So as I upload a document, which are the most restrictive ‘access level’ and which is the least? I have been looking all over, and I think as I lookin the forums, my assumption may be wrong. When the dropdown comes up, it shows : self, household, unit, troop.

I have had parents say they can not see some things I have on troop access

I assumed that ‘troop’ meant all in the troop can access the document. And ‘self’ meant only the uploader can view it themselves. Can you point me to these levels? Thank you

11 PM

Self: Can only see your own information
Household: Can see info for everyone grouped in your household / family
Patrol/Den: Can see data associated with your current den or patrol
Unit: Can see data associated with the entire unit (entire pack, or entire troop)

So it’s not very intuitive, but when you upload a document and set permissions, the user that wants to view your document must have that permission level as well. So, Self is the most open and permissive since everyone has that by default, and Unit is the most restrictive, typically for unit leaders.

The level distinctions are a bit different depending on your organization (such as Boy Scouts, AHG, Girl Scouts, etc.), but the explanation giving by @JamynShanley covers it pretty well. The way these permissions work for documents is a little bit confusing. As mentioned before, you can give users different access levels (in AHG, it would be self, household, unit, troop). If you have self, you can only see your own things, if you have troop, you can see everyone in the whole troop. So the permissions for the documents mean that if you put something on “troop” visibility, it only shows up for those with that access level.

Thank you for this response. :slight_smile:

So am I to assume as a parent is in troop track, the ‘default’ permission they have is for documents that are open to ‘self’ only?
And the other permissions of uploaded documents (in this case) for different indiviuals in a troop must be set by someone with those permissions within troop track?
Or is it that the ‘scouts/ children’ have self by default, and adults have ‘household/family’ by default and the rest is by troop track adminsitrator priviledge?
Just trying to figure out the best way to put up documents that the parents and girls can view with troop track, and how to share internal documents iwth unit leaders and board. :slight_smile: I really appreciate all this help, and hopefully this helps someone else in the future also. :slight_smile:

If a patrol wants to have documents that are available to parents and scouts in the patrol but not available to parents and scouts in a different patrol, can that be done? It seems like the answer is “no” based on the description here.

Adults by default will have “household” access. Scouts will have “self” access by default (or “none” if no email address is entered, since they can’t be invited to join without one). If you want everyone to be able to see it, you need to set it up to “self”. If you only want leaders to see it, it will be set up as unit or troop level (the top two levels), as applicable. That really depends on which leaders need to see it and what access level you have given them.

@gscrawley You are correct. Unfortunately, there is not a way to make a document available to one patrol/unit, but not another. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the response. I guess we’ll use Google Docs instead.