Add a "Record was last updated by (user) on (date)" field for achievements

What we currently have:
In each individual achievement, there is a “Reported to Council On” field at the top that says when we electronically transmitted the advancement report for that achievement to the BSA.

Include a “Record Last Updated on (date)” field so we could know at a glance if it’s time to revisit a particular achievement, when it was changed and by whom.

Why would this be a good idea?
Everyone that looks at records has to try to spend a lot of time trying to determine if a record is “stale” or not. Questions like “Is this a years-old partial that just got forgotten about, or is this something being worked on recently?” and “When did we last update the record as leaders/parents?” wouldn’t be a mystery.

Adding the name of the user who did the modifying also means no more phone/email tag with leaders, asking who changed Tommy Tenderfoot’s record and why. You can call the person directly and get to the bottom of things.

Who this would help:
Everyone, since EVERYONE has to see at least their own individual records to track progress! But it would help leaders who conduct goal-setting meetings, or have record-keeping responsibilities even more than for the average user.


  • Ideally, this field would auto-populate when clicking “Save” with any achievement. You could add a manual date feature, but that undermines the whole premise. Even if people say “I know I last modified it a week ago, before this feature ever came out”, it doesn’t matter! The point is that you want to show that someone had eyeballs on the record on a specific date. Let the record speak for itself instead.

  • Seeing the “last updated date” on the Achievements tabs, in a column of its own (along with “Completed On”, “Awarded On”, etc). Leave out who modified it in the Achievements view- if someone wants to get more info (like who modified it), have them click on the specific Achievement to see it so it doesn’t clutter the interface even more.

This would depend directly with with the “Activity Log” feature that @PeterAlberti shared in this topic: Activity Log. You can give admins the full log of what was done throughout TroopTrack even if it’s not achievement-related, but for parents, Scouts and leaders alike it’s important to know how their individual records have been changed and by whom.

(Sorry if that was overly detailed- I work as a project manager for software/design/UI implementation so I’m in work mode as I type this :grin:)


For individual achievement records include a “Record Last Updated on (date)” + 1 vote

Hi Jared!

There’s a discussion going on about a similar topic which some of your ideas on this matter might be very useful! The discussion is already rolling over there, so I thought I might try and point you in that direction :slight_smile:

Link to Thread

Thanks @ColemanD!

I actually read through that particular topic/idea before I created this one, but decided to create a separate topic since the idea in the other thread is more of a backend logging issue, whereas mine is more of a user-facing item that would be generally viewable to others regardless of the permissions they are given in their TroopTrack user account.

That and I didn’t want to hijack the other thread because my write-up was pretty long compared to anything else that already existed in the thread.

By all means, my suggestion to make it visible to users is dependent on the logging feature they requested in the other thread being implemented first so then it can be accessed and displayed when looking at achievements on an individual level by users who have achievements (Scouts, parents, etc).

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