Add "Adult Leaders" for Event Invitations

With the old event system, we could easily invite all adult leaders to events (such as leadership meetings). However, this option is no longer present. When creating an event, under Members and Roles, there is no option to send only to adults with a leadership role. However, there is a magic mailing list for this… these options should be consistent!

Please add “Adult Leaders” as an option under Roles:

Thank you.


This has been asked recently and sent to the developers, no timeline for implementation has been given.


Being able to schedule leaders only events is key to organizing a Pack/Troop/etc. If we use the “Adult” or “Parent” roles, those who are non-leaders are at first confused, and then numb to TT calendar information because of irrelevancy of it. If an “Adult Leaders” switch isn’t possible after nearly 2 years, then about about an “All Adult Leaders” option in the Leadership Roles rather than having to select 37ish different options to make sure everyone gets the invitation. Just try to schedule an event targeted to adult leaders only, and you’ll quickly notice how painful it is. Seriously, try it.

Have you tried using a custom mailing list and then inviting based on the custom list members?

Yes, in the past this strategy worked, but TT released a newer “recommended” site profile that no longer supported invitations by mailing list. The original post above eludes to this downgrade in functionality.