Add Leader Role when creating an event

I’d like to create a Committee Meeting calendar event and ask for RSVP from the Pack Leadership. I can do everyone, all adults, all parents, or all scouts. Please add All Leaders.

There are a few different ways to approach this scenario.

  1. Select all individuals with the Committee from the Adults section.
  2. Create a Den called Committee and add all members to that Den.
  3. Select Leadership Positions that cover all members.
    Because members can now be assigned to multiple Dens I would suggest creating a Committee Den and having all members in that Den. Your request of All Leaders would need to key off anyone that had a Leadership Position attached to their user however that may actually get you more leaders than are members of the Committee, the Leadership Positions also contain Youth Positions Den Chief for instance. That approach would not be as useful globally.

Thank you! I should have considered that. It is working great.