Invite PLC to events

When planning an event (PLC meetings), there is no easy way to invite your PLC to a meeting. The Leadership dropdown menu only includes adult roles ( SPL, ASPL, Patrol leaders etc. aren’t included).

You can invite patrols, or all adults, but the only way to invite your youth leaders is to manually select them from the list of members.

It would be nice to be able to click a box and invite all members of the PLC (as defined by the PLC magic mail list).

I assume you are using the new dynamic meeting invitations setting, without that enabled you are able to invite a Group which includes the Magic Mailing lists. Unfortunately the ability to invite from magic mailing groups did not make it over with the dynamic meeting invitations feature. I do believe this has been asked less specifically about PCL but just about the ability to invite based on those groups.

I’m not sure if it’s the “dynamic meeting” feature you are describing. I’m using the feature under the Plan menu called 'Meeting Schedules" where you can set up recurring meetings.

The fact that the Leadership Positions drop down menu (which allows you to choose positions to invite to the meeting) does not contain any of the common youth positions like SPL, ASPL, Patrol leader, quartermaster etc. If this menu contained the rest of the leadership positions, I wouldn’t need the magic mail lists available.