Add Annual for recurring events

Is it possible to add annual as an option for scheduling recurring events? This would make it much easier to update our calendar.


Do you really want to plan stuff out that far ahead? Things might change. Details, when invites and reminders need to be sent, who is invited, etc. Might be more trouble than good.

A better approach may be to use the “Copy to Event” button in the Details & RSVP page and put it on the exact date you’d like.

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I remember suggesting this idea awhile back. Our troop would like to use it for birthdays for our troop members.

We have plans to have non-event calendar items for this purpose (birthdays). Much easier to set up and use and will take less space if you only want to have it on the calendar as a note or reminder.

Does that sounds like a cool/useful feature?


Yes definitely!! We’d use that feature


we would use this - good idea

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Did this ever get implemented? I’d love to be able to put in things like “Cookie Season starts” without having to create a whole event for it. Also would like to add birthdays and block out times I know everyone is on vacation so none of my co-leaders accidentally schedule something during that time.

YES! Things like re-charter etc. would be helpful to have on the calendar as a reoccurring event, as well as other types of events.

That would not be as useful as if it were a calendar event.

No, this was never implemented.