Custom holidays / placeholder notes on calendar

Is there a way to add Scout Week (March 12th…) or Founder’s Day (October 31st…) to the calendar every year like a holiday?

Also, is there a way to have placeholders that do not create an event, just a tag or notice on the calendar where I can include various school district schedule information?


EDIT: Idea Request - have an annual recurrence for scheduled meetings to facilitate things that occur on the same day every year (Founder’s Day, Thinking Day, Girl Scout Birthday, etc)

There are not placeholders, everything is an event. We often add more calendar type items as events, invite everyone, make it no RSVP, and no invite or reminder e-mail, just to have something show up on the calendar for information. It hasn’t ever caused any confusion.

That’s my go-to solution, but I was hoping to have things that are annual repeats (founder’s day, thinking day, etc) not need my effort every year to put them in :wink: I’m lazy by nature.


Even the Meeting Schedules don’t have an Annual recurrence. You could turn this into an Idea category.