Add "Languages" field for user profiles, Interpreter Strip missing as an adult award

This just occurred to me while I’m in a meeting at the moment- is it possible to add a field under user profiles for “languages”?

This would be great to help us know which scouts and adults know specific languages. For example, we have some ASL scouts who recently moved in but we have had to ask around if anyone knows ASL. It would be great to know if anyone already knew ASL so we can make sure these youth and families don’t fall through the cracks- we can quickly invite specific youth or adults to reach out to certain families to instantly build a rapport with these families.

Plus, this also goes into the idea of indicating which scouts and adults have interpreter strips (which is a quasi-award that scouts and adults can “earn” based on language proficiency).


An additional point onto this item:

“Interpreter Strip” is an available award for youth, but not for adults, so my workaround for adding languages to users in the meantime won’t work either.

Please add the interpreter strip award for adults. We have several leaders with interpreter strips. It would be good to be able to track and recognize as the adult scouters complete this!