Parent Gifts Assessments

Each year, our parents complete a Parent Gifts Assessment to find out what knowledge and gifts they have to share with our girls. I’d like to be able to record this somewhere on their profile and be able to search it.

For example, if I have three parents who are skilled at Archery and one of our squads would like to earn that badge, I could search and see which parents could help with that skill.



Hi @ChristyWestover1,

Sounds like an interesting idea. Let’s get some more feedback from the community and then our developers may consider this idea.

In the meantime, if each of the parents has a TroopTrack account, you can put their skills under “Notes” in their profiles then create a user report to show you that information. If you have it in another document, you may just upload it to Share > Troop Documents.


What a great idea! We could use that for GSUSA too!

And American Heritage Girls! Great idea!