Add custom training?

Pretty sure we used to be able to do this, because I have folks with trainings on their records that no longer exist. Would be really helpful if we could do it again – our Troop has a few things that we’ve developed just for us that we need to be able to track.


Hi @keelie.shrader,

You are correct, this did exist at one point. Thank you for requesting it, it seems like we get a good amount of requests for this so we will consider it.

I would also like to request this feature make a reappearance. I had added in a few trainings for our troop last year - the different classifications for our annual swim test so they appear as expired after a year. I specified Swim Test - Swimmer, Swim Test - Beginner, but at the time, didn’t have a need to use a Swim Test - Non-Swimmer which now I do, but can’t add it. Unless there’s another way I haven’t yet found that could make this expire after a year, like the training. Thanks!

Yes, please! I’m with an EMS Exploring post, and we have a lot of training requirements specific to our post. I have to think many other posts have this issue, considering the variety of careers covered in the Exploring program.

Any update on bringing the custom training feature back?

Two years since the initial request – any update?

+1 for custom training. I am using a custom award but it’s a hack.