AHG - add something similar to Merit Badge counselors?

I know AHG doesn’t have Merit Badge Counselors, however, within our troop we have a wide variety of expertise. Since we are a new (large) troop, we do not know all the families and their skill sets, so it would be very helpful to be able to store information about which parents can help with what.

This would also be helpful if we have a mom who could help lead a badge for another level. For example, if we have a Tenderheart mom who is a professional photographer, she could help the Pi/Pas earn their Photography badge.

Is there a way for TT to add the BSA MBC functionality to the AHG interface so that we can keep track of who is willing and able to lead certain badges?

It would be even better if we could capture information about other non-badge related skill sets there are in the troop. For example, I just had to send out an email asking if anyone was good with woodworking so that they could help build some nice flag stands.

It would be really nice if we could add a custom list of badges and skill sets (instead of Merit Badges), and if all parents (regardless of whether they are registered with AHG or not) could select the badges or skill sets they could offer the troop.

Thanks for your consideration!! I think this would be such a great way for the parents to participate in the troop, and for the leaders to better utilize the skill sets of all the families when it comes to planning badges and activities, and including all families in the events. :slight_smile:

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