Add option to Copy email to selected house hold members like you do for secondary account

Parents are complaining they sometimes don’t get copied on communications to their scouts.

please add an option in email prefrences

to send copies of emails sent to me to a selected household member .


We will take a look into that. However, this is usually not a problem for most users, as the parent’s email address is also the one listed for the scout, in most cases.

In the meantime, a workaround would be to add the parents’ email address as a secondary email for the scout, then have it send copies to the secondary email address. Then everything that goes to the scout also goes to the parents.

There is an option in my troop settings page to copy parents on all scout emails.

This should take care of it.

Silly confession on my part: I just found that setting myself today! I work for TroopTrack, but I’ve only been here a couple of weeks and I’m still learning the ropes and finding new features and settings every single day. I try to consult with our developer (who has way more experience with TT than I do) when I don’t know things, but sometimes I still miss things… :stuck_out_tongue: