How is "secondary email" used?

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In the thread above, Mlsully mentioned putting an email address into the secondary email if they don’t want to receive emails from troop track. So does that mean that emails sent to that person only go the primary email address (if one is listed)?

What is secondary email used for?

Yeah, I’m interested in knowing that as well.

By default, emails do not go to the secondary email address. Individuals may change this setting if they want to.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Good to know! Thanks, Matt!

Can we set that “send copies of all emails sent to me to my secondary email address too” flag FOR users (if we are an admin) or is that something that only they can access and control?

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That is something only the users can control for themselves at this time.

Can we change that? I would like to be able to copy parents on some of the emails or invites we send out. (I do not have parents registered just have their email as the secondary)

Hi @KatrinaHead,

I may not completely understand your scenario, but A better practice might be to just create accounts for parents and put the parent email addresses on those accounts. You don’t have to give those parents access at all, but it’s nice to have that parent info in one place. Make sure those parent accounts are in the same household as the child. You can then go to Manage > Settings > Edit Troop/Pack settings, and under “TroopTrack Settings” you can mark “Copy parents on all scout emails” and then you will be all set.

If you’d like to make an admin feature for the secondary emails, please request it in a separate ticket under the “Ideas” category so we can gage that idea on its own.


Finally found it. Now to put all the parents in each troop.