Add SCOUTStrong to the list of awards available to adults

I’m a new user. I’ve been having a great time doing a bit of data entry for my scouts. One award that I would like to promote this year for my adults is The SCOUTStrong Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. Currently, this award only appears in Troop Track under Scouts. I would love it, if it could appear for adults, also.

It would also be great if it could list the requirements:

  1. Be active for 30 minutes a day (60 minutes for scouts under 18) for at least 5 days a week, for six out of eight weeks (equivalent of 8,500 steps per day).

  2. Each week focus on a healthy eating goal: (1) fill half my plate with fruits and vegetables, (2) choose lean meats, (3) eat more whole grains, (4) eat less sodium, (5) choose low-fat dairy, (6) eat seafood, (7) drink water, and (8) eat smaller portions.

Is this how I “open a ticket”

Thank you

~Erin Howarth, Scappoose, Oregon

I take it back. SCOUTStrong is listed among the adult awards, its just my profile that’s filed up somehow. For my personal profile, the only achievements that appear are the Varsity pins and the custom award that I made up.