Add Upload requirements Feature

A member of our American Heritage Girls troop asked me to pass along the suggestion that you include a place for families to upload proof of completing a requirement that then gets approved by a troop designee before it is recorded as completed.

Trooptrack responded "Currently there isn’t that feature on TroopTrack, but that sounds like a great idea.

We’d love to see if this makes sense for all TroopTrack users. It would be awesome if you posted the idea in the TroopTrack community to see if other TroopTrack troops want the same thing.

If it gets some traction we can definitely look into putting it on our product updates roadmap."


This is an interesting concept. What kind of proof? Our troop has the girls present the badge itself or the requirements they missed to a leader. Then either our advancement coordinator or the leader will approve the badge and mark it as recognized. Trying to think through how our troop would used something like this.

When we met in person, the girls presented to us in person. With Covid, girls present material via email or videos for review. It is reviewed and then we either enter the requirement or optional as complete or ask for what is missing. The parent thought that if Trooptrack had a list of requirements and a space to upload, they could upload anything completed at home directly to the requirement in Trooptrack for viewing and approval

That makes sense. Right now we have google drives that girls can upload videos to. And some of our families hate google, so they use 2 deep on Photos shared albums on iPhones to put videos and photos on. And we’ve been doing FaceTime/Zoom time to present. But I can see where having a spot to upload would be much easier!

Our troop has had to make a work-around for this, too. We made a Jotform that asks them for the badge name etc and to describe what they did and upload supporting documents, photos, etc. (reference: Troop 204 Badge Completion Form). We’d LOVE it if this was possible INSIDE the system.