Features I would like to see

Electronic permission slips such as found here: https://www.troopwebhost.org/help.aspx?ID=397

Along with this: Ability to send permission reminders.

A button next to requirement to request an advancement sign off (Scout view)

The permission slip idea is interesting.We will see if it gains support and I can bring it up to Dave.

Scouts can enter provisional progress that does then prompt an admin to sign off the requirement. It must be enabled in Settings, TroopTrack Settings.

I’d recommend that contact info go on that permission slip. Hand them to the unit leader or whomever the point of contact is on the trip, and then you have hardcopy contact info in case you don’t have any network / wifi / cell signal.

I would also like the ability to have either a Trooptrack that handles a linked troop or the ability to sync between two instances of Trooptrack. We have a Boy Troop 303 and Girl Troop 3030 and we would like to make announcements between the two, have event sharing, etc. TroopWebHost is already doing that…but I would rather stay with TroopTrack.

@JeffreyWhite6, I have seen that request in the past, I think it is going to become increasingly more important as more Girl Troops are created under the same Charter Organizations. I think in the past it could have been a nice to have for say Cubs, Boys, Venture, or Sea under one Charter but now many of these units are functionally one even though they are officially two. There is a Community post that dealt with the idea of having the two units under one TT account and then different Patrols, there are some drawbacks to that scenario and it does make more work for submitting advancements for whomever is pulling the reports to manually check and uncheck just the boys or just the girls to submit the advancement file to BSA, but it is possible. I will bring this up with Dave and see if there is any work being done on this front or if it is on his radar.

I talked to Dave about this and started a new thread asking for input.

Is there a way to better identify badges earned that may not be listed, such as Council’s own or IP’s or retired badges. Make your own does not really give the ability to add that info and have more than one option to add.