Add Venmo as Payment Option

It would be great to allow payments via Venmo. We use Venmo all the time because there are no fees for our families. I know in the past this option, but what about now?

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Great idea, unfortunately as far as I can find that gets into the new Venmo for Business realm and then the fees come with it. TT offering PayPal and Stripe are great options if you are willing to either eat the fees or charge them through to the participants. It is more work on the treasurer or whomever does the entries into TT to manually enter payments that have been made to the unit via Venmo but that’s all part of our 1 hour per week right?

Hi @jessica,

Aaron is right. Venmo for business still charges fees. With PayPal and Stripe users can register as non-profit organizations to get these fees lowered or even removed, but with Venmo for business this isn’t an option.

Here’s more on that from Venmo’s website.


David Keener

Well, we use Venmo all the time and there are no fees. I guess we didn’t set up a “business account”…regardless, I would enjoy Venmo integration as there are no fees for our set up.

Right, there are no fees for individual use, if TT integrates with Venmo that is Business use and there would then be fees.

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