Help understanding payment / carts / etc

I’m investigating TT as an option to our down SOAR account. Should we switch or wait for SOAR to resurrect in a few weeks to a month? The financials are a big driver in this decision. Can you please help confirm or correct the following for me?

  1. From what I’ve gathered from reading posts, we can use either PayPal or Stripe, not both.
  2. In addition to PayPal fees, TT charges 25 cents per transaction
  3. Do we have to pay PayPal fees as negotiated by TT? Our troop’s non-profit agreement with PayPal charges us 1.99% + $0.49 per transaction. TT seems to want us to pay higher fees.
  4. If we collect fees outside of TT and mark families as paid in the RSVP, can we still use any of the financial reporting features?
  5. In TT’s online payment set-up there is a toggle for “Require members to pay credit card processing fees?” I can’t find info on this in the forum or user guide. If we don’t require families to pay processing fees what is charged and to whom?


  1. Correct
  2. TroopTrack no longer charges $.25 fees.
  3. If you have negotiated lower fees with PayPal, just update those fees in your payment settings. TroopTrack uses those numbers to record the transactions correctly in the system.
  4. Yes
  5. Yes - it’s in your payment settings. See screenshot.

    Good questions @kleinds !
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My troop tried to convert to TT over a year ago, but TroopTrack never replied to my many email messages trying to get them to upload my CSV files. As we are also with SOAR, our website has also gone down. Good luck with your next steps.

@JAYWILL4NOW If you are willing to give TT another shot, the importer has now been automated so it does not require TT staff to run the import.