Adding a patrol


when i signed up I had some existing patrol groups such as venture and others and on those I see on the title bar there is a progress report button that gives me a list of all the boy and information about their progress, but when I add a new patrol that button does not appear. Am I doing something wrong? Why would there only be three patrols with that progress report button?


Hi @randolph.terrell,

You will need to set a level for the new patrols to be able to get a progress report for them. You can do this by pressing “Edit” and setting the level.

I do not get the level setting when I hit edit and I have full access since I started the site.

any suggestions.


I’ll have to ask the developers about this one. It may be beta access only (manage > settings > edit troop settings, charter organization tab, beta feature). You don’t have to use that, but that’s where it is. I’m going to do some checking.