Patrol Type

In the unit roster summary, in the lower right corner of home screen, one of our patrols says venturing. This is new and we do not have a crew. How do I fix this?

Hi @TiffanyHigginson1,

Don’t forget to categorize your posts. I leave the blank ones for last.

Can you please tell me the path you are taking to see this? I checked Communicate > Print Roster and didn’t see anything so I suspect I’m looking in the wrong place.

Thank you.

On my “home” screen, when I scroll to the bottom, on the right column, appears a "“roster summary”. Here is a copy and paste…

Roster Summary
Patrol Youth Adults
Atomic Rubber Duckies 12 0
Frost Dragons (Venturing) 15 0
Phoenix Alliance 10 0
Too Old to be a Patrol but … 0 3
Z Fossils 0 19
Unassigned 0 44
Total 37 66
Add Scout Add Adult/Parent Add Leader
Manage Patrols Manage Households
Import Unit Roster from BSA

I see it. That’s strange. I put in a ticket to ask about it/have it fixed.

Thank you.