Adding an Award to an Event

This page specifically focuses on adding an award to an event and recording it. To see the page on planning an event click here.

When planning an event, under the “advanced tab” you can specify an award that will be earned for that event.

This will specify under the event details that an award will be earned at the event.

You can record progress for those who attended by clicking on the event, clicking on “details”, “attendance”, and then clicking on “record attendance/RSVP’s”. This will take you to the page below:

By clicking on “award requirements” you can specify if the whole award was completed, or just a few requirements.

It will only record for users who attended the event. If there was someone who attended, but did not earn the award then you can click on “expand” and change “earn award” to no.

This makes it so that user does not earn the award, but gets credit for attending.

Feel free to reach out here with any questions specific to this feature.


David Keener

This is great functionality. However, it appears as though you can only add one award. This won’t work for an event which is attended by girls of different units (Tenderhearts, Explorers, etc.). So, ideally I would want to be able to add 3 awards to an event (the same badge but for each unit).