AHG specific question. Most of our meetings are troop meetings with all units in attendance (Pathfinder, Tenderheart, Explorer, Pioneer, Patriot).

I’d like to be able to use the “Record progress for attendees” but I haven’t found a way to do that. Currently I filter by unit, then enter advancement. The problem is the unit selected gets the credit but so do the other units. And at the wrong level, so then I need to clean up files, etc.

For example, I have a Troop meeting with all three units - Tenderheart, Explorer and Pi/Pa. I take attendance and then click record progress for attendees. I start with the Tenderhearts, so I filter out the other units, choose Artastic (T), and then click on badge requirement 1. All of the selected Tenderhearts get Artastic (T) 1, but so do the Explorers and so do the PiPas.

Additionally, if I give credit to a TH who previously had credit, the new date over-rides the old date. Especially annoying when I inadvertently give TH credit to an Explorer (it over-rides their TH year date).

The only way around both of those issues currently is to make separate invitations for each level which is a nightmare for us because we meet as a Troop and many families have girls in multiple units so they would get duplicate emails and need to do RSVPs on multiple events.

Ana, I’m no expert and not currently trying this but maybe if you don’t use the filter feature, instead only check the boxes of the girls in the unit you are entering. Then repeat for each unit? Feels like the filter part might not work?