Linking Meeting Activity and Attendance

One of the things our troop record keepers dislike is duplication of effort. We’re all busy. Would it be possible to link Event Plans with Attendance to record progress on badge work? Currently, when Planning an Event we enter some basic information and who’s invited, and send the invitation. Then at the event we take attendance. Then after we’ve finished the event we enter the data for what those scouts accomplished. Hopefully we’re using Bulk Recording, but even then we have issues (see separate topic on “Bulk Entry of Award Progress”). This is a lot of time spent when you have 25+ scouts in one unit, and 60+ scouts in your troop.
Is it possible and advisable to be able to indicate in the Event Planning what activities within a badge are going to be worked on, and then once attendance has been entered TroopTrack will automatically enter the completion of the planned activities as if it were Bulk Recording?
Yes, I can see the possibility of not finishing what was planned to be accomplished - edit the Event Plan before completing Attendance (and posting that data) and all is well.
Yes, I can see the possibility of some scouts not finishing all that was planned - some individual editing is needed, this is no different from using Bulk Recording and then editing individuals anyway.
Other major scenarios I’m not envisioning here?
Other suggestions?

Thank you!

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We do not offer this type of feature right now. You are asking to associate goal requirements with an event and have those auto fill when the event is complete. I’ve received some feedback in the negative on this one, but we are not opposed to adding it as an option.

Right now, if you mark attendance, you can go to the details & RSVP page, press “Attendance” > Record Awards Progress for Attendees. This autofills the date and will auto select who you marked as attended. Next you select what you worked on, save, done.

Thanks! I hope that helps for now!

Sometimes the planned meeting does not take place as expected (last minute illness for the activity leader, therefore a last minute backup plan is necessary).

I would be against automatically marking requirements as completed, however, if the info had already been entered for the meeting in the calendar, you could click on “Record Progress for Attendees” and it would be automatically populated with what was initially entered. I definitely dislike scrolling through the loooong list to choose the requirements that were completed…

Also, at a troop meeting, not all the girls are working on the same things. In our AHG troop, there are at least 4 planned meetings going on simultaneously, all with different requirements being met.

@Mwescott I understand and agree with what you’re saying. I guess the original post was intended to see if there was a work-around for the bug in Record Progress (Bulk) - see the other thread on this HERE. We’ve both posted on that thread, and have the same experience with the record keeper sometimes having to go in and update information on every girl in the unit after bulk recording.

We have about 60 girls in our Troop, with one unit having over 25. Even with a fast internet connection, that takes time.

I’m open to other suggestions on recording progress for lots of girls at one time and not having to open their records individually afterward.