Summer Camp - Camping Nights

I know I have asked for Biking Miles to be added to events, but can you add Summer Camp nights also, because they only count once toward the camping merit badge, but they can still count toward OA eligibility?

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Hi @MicheleKinsey,

Thanks for posting this request here in the community.

Let’s get some more feedback from our fellow community members and then our developers will consider this feature for development.

I know there were whispers in the halls about adding further support for miles/nights/hours, etc.

Thanks and have a nice day!

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Tracking nights camped is very important to me as a Scoutmaster. Michele hit a key point above. Summer camp nights can only be used once for the Camping MB as well as OA eligibility. This is such an important thing to track for me that we may need to return to TroopMaster until it can be implemented. If it has already been implemented please let me know where to find it. I would like to see something like an OA Eligibility Report. If there were a way to have a sub-report for nights camped that would allow us to see where a Scout is at that would be great. Right now, since there are some missing elements (Like OA Eligibility Reports) I am still hanging on to TroopMaster (2x the work). Our Troop Committee has agreed to move forward with TroopTrack in hopes the gaps get filled. Thanks. Laromie Boyd, Scoutmaster Troop 5 Jasper, TN.

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