National Outdoor Awards (NOA) Support

The BSA’s National Outdoor Awards (NOA) is an outdoor excellence program that requires achievements in six different types of activities: Camping, Hiking, Conservation, Aquatics, Riding and Adventure.

Each segment has it’s own set of requirements and associated hours/miles that need to be tracked.

TroopTrack is great for tracking Camping Nights and Hiking Miles. However, Conservation Hours, Aquatics Hours, Riding Miles and an Adventure indicator aren’t tracked:

:white_check_mark: Camping Nights
:white_check_mark: Hiking Miles
:x: Conservation Hours (different than regular Service Hours)
:x: Aquatics Hours (different than Canoeing miles)
:x: Riding Miles (cycling, horse riding, skating, etc)
:x: Adventure Activity? (yes or no)

If these four missing fields could be tracked on events (maybe added to the Advanced tab of the Edit Activity screen) and made available for scout-level entry and reports, it would save Troops in our Council dozens of hours of tracking and tabulating the missing data via spreadsheets.

See the example below for a Bikepacking trip that would qualify for the following NOA segments:

  • Camping: 1 Camping Night
  • Conservation: 1.5 Conservation Hours
  • Riding: 50 Riding Miles
  • Adventure: 1 Adventure Credit

There are a lot of other requirements and rules for NOA that aren’t automatically tracked, but having these four basic additional fields would go a long, long way for troops that participate in the BSA NOA program.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider this request.


Yes! This. I end up using event types to help when I download participation reports but it is still very manual.


Thanks Kim,

NOA has a lot of rules and the addition of a few simple fields would cut down on the majority of the time spent manually tracking these data points.

Hopefully we’ll get some traction on it!

Our troop has gone through another 5 cycles of NOA awards since this original post. It’s very painful and time consuming to track manually with spreadsheets. I know the NOA rules can be a little complicated, but not being about to track Conservation, Aquatics and Riding hours in TT for scouts attending an event makes it even more difficult. At a minimum, if we could record Conservation, Aquatics and Riding hours, it would be a great help and save a lot of time sifting through attendance records of events.

Bumping this back up to see if there’s any others interested in NOA functionality.