Automatic Emails aren’t being sent

Our automatic meeting reminder did not go out to the Troop. Also, I switched an event entry to send out the reminder “today,” and nothing has gone out to the troop yet. Can someone please fix this? Thank you!!

I had the same issue last week w/ TroopTrack and the invitation option. The push notification didn’t go out. Also, some emails were delayed in being sent. Maybe there was a bug in the system.

I, too, realized that our automatic event invite for “7 days ahead” did not go out. I changed it to “Today” and it also did not go out. Please fix ASAP so that we can get our RSVPs in!!

Any update on this? We haven’t been receiving emails either.

I’m up to 12 duplicate event-reminders. :slight_smile:

Yes, I keep getting them as well for my two units and several events with each unit. Unfortunately sometimes a fix can cause other unintended issues.