Event and email contains wrong image

A TroopTrack event that I created changed an inserted image to something else. My event contained a photo of a building where our troop will be camping. When the email went out, the image changed to a photo of a BSA (?) handbook. We are an AHG troop so I have no idea where this image came from or why my image changed into it? Please let me know where I can forward the email with the wrong image inserted. (On a side note, this happened to an attachment on our TroopTrack website earlier this year as well where an attachment turned into a different attachment.)

This has happened to me in the past as well. I think this happens if any items are named the same thing. When this happens TroopTrack gets confused. I WISH WISH WISH there was a media library that the admin could access to see what images or files are connected to that unit’s account. That way the admin could delete old things and just do regular housekeeping.

This is happening to my documents. For example, I upload a permission slip for the event but when people click the link, it has information filled into the pdf from another troop! It is super frustrating.