Two attachments on email within an event

I’ve been trying to email invitees of an event and attach two word documents to the email, but not the event. I went into the event and clicked on Email Invitees, wrote my text, and clicked on Choose File, Browse, selected the file, and clicked on Open.

Selecting the first document seemed to work, it populated the blank in the form, but when I clicked Add Attachment, multiple spaces opened up and automatically populated with the first document’s link. I was not able to fill any of the spaces with the link to my second document. The program opened up my files list, and I could select the file I needed, but when I clicked the button to add it, nothing changed in the blank on the screen. I was able to delete the attachments by highlighting the links and deleting.

I’m using Chrome. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing after I click Add Attachment:

Thanks for any help you can give me.


I just noticed that when I mouse over the space where I tried to link the second document after it had been automatically populated with the original document title, the little title that shows near my mouse arrow is the correct document, but the document title in the attachment space still shows the first attached document title. And this time I cannot select and delete the incorrect titles or the extra attachment space.


Hi Judith,

This should be fixed. Let me know if you are still seeing issues with event attachments.