Adding leaders to event

When setting up an event (going to be the monthly PLC meeting for the Troop), I can select “Leadership Position” to include as members for the event. However, the options are not relevant to my Troop, and don’t include what are relevant - there is not Patrol Leader. There is no Senior Patrol Leader, etc.

When I look at the individual scouts “leadership” tab, it shows, for example, “Patrol Leader” and “Troop Position” is set to “Yes”

I can add each scout individually, but would prefer that the positions are invited, not the scouts, so that when roles change, my meetings are still valid.


Correct the Leadership tab only shows Adult Positions.

Thanks. Do you know of a recommend way to have a PLC meeting - other than having to select the individual scouts?

You can turn on the Troop Track option to allow scouts in multiple patrols. Make a PLC patrol (likely with a different name as is already taken) Add your PLC scouts to that patrol.

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