Additional fields in Participation Book export

I would like to see the ability to export additional fields for the “participation book”. The export records need to include useful details in addition to the standard fields currently included such as:

  • Troop Track ID
  • Member number (or blank if not a member)
  • Patrol
  • Level
  • Member type (Adult vs. Trailmen)

This is useful for many reasons:

  • The troop track ID is important for tracking with external reports and data sources. We have to reconcile attendance with our church’s attendance system and matching by name is inadequate for several reasons (kids have same names, father/son have matching names, etc.). Also, it makes it easier to combine information with other data from other reports (by having a unique number to do a “join” on data).
  • The member number provides a quick way of summarizing attendance by registered members vs. non-registered. This is important for validating we have the necessary registered adult to children required.
  • We like to report attendance summary by Patrol to show trends and status. Right now we have to do this manually.
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Being able to add the Member number to the participation report would also help with gathering the data for Order of the Arrow election eligibility in Boy Scouts.

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Hi @mrbearit,

Thanks for using the TroopTrack Community!

It looks like you already have a little support. Let’s see what the Community says, and if there is wide support, our developers may consider this feature.

Thank you!