Adult LDS Religious On My Honor Award

The LDS Church has an adult On My Honor award. Please include that in the Adult section of Achievements. A few of our unit’s leaders have earned that award. Our sponsor is asking for a periodic report of the leaders who are working towards the award and those who have received & recognized for the award.

Those should already be available. I looked in your account and they appear to be active under “Adult Religious Award” heading.


Per the earlier request, The " On My Honor" award should be included in the Adult Awards section, this is a separate from the LDS religious award.
Can you please create the new award in the adult section. Thanks

If it is not you can create a Custom Award under Manage, Settings, Custom Awards. Although I do see an On My Honor Adult Recognition (LDS) under my Troop’s Active Achievements. Perhaps someone de-activated it for your unit. You can go to Manage, Settings, Manage Active Achievements and make sure it is checked as Active.