How do Adult Leaders earn the Religious Emblem?

since there is no BSA religious program specifically for Adults, how do Adult Leaders go about earning the Religious Emblem?

I’m not entirely sure what that is, but you can go to Manage > Settings > Custom Awards to add it if you’d like.

Found these online resources

Once an adult has received the designation from their religious organization, guess we’d create a custom award for their adult religious knot

Religious emblems should be listed for adults just like they would for youth. There’s not that many so TT confirmed to me that it’s a bug that they don’t appear/are not selectable when editing adult achievement records:

there’s a check box somewhere in member info that you check for youth and leave unchecked for adults. if you mark your adult as youth, I think you’ll be able to add that religious award to their profile. then when you’ve finished adding, you just go back and uncheck the youth box.

That’s a good point about the checkboxes- the only problem with that approach is that at least for the LDS ‘On My Honor’ award, the requirements are different for youth and adults. The adult requirements should only be accessible to adult leaders or parents, and the same goes for the youth award.

good point, requirements are different for adults and youth for us too. would have to create a custom youth and a custom adult award. it’s a little extra work but it makes a really great record of those achievements. I find it especially difficult to track any of our adult awards, so I’ve been planning to create several custom awards and get everyone’s profile up to date!

That’s our solution as well- we have to create custom awards until the actual adult awards are added by the TroopTrack staff.

The challenge will be merging the progress between our custom awards and the TroopTrack-created awards which will be baked in to the system, but I suspect that process is manual.

It’s not a lot of work for us since it’s not a ton of adults working on adult awards, but it would be a lot more work for a larger unit.

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