Adult Swim test results tracking

In TroopMaster our Troop tracks the status of adults who have taken the swim test. I want to do

the same in TroopTrack but cannot figure out how. I asked in the old help forum and Sam answered

with this response “You can do this by adding the completion of Swim Test training to profiles”. The

problem is that for the life of me I cannot find where to do that. Can you please help?

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Sam, This worked perfectly. I think I was trying to call this an “achievement” instead of “training.” Calling this completed “training” worked as expected. Thanks for getting me on the right track. Steve

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One more question on the topic of swim tests. Does TroopTrack have a way to track swim levels? TroopMaster has Learner/Beginner/Swimmer. Is there a way to track these levels in TroopTrack?


I have added training for each level, and it expires after 12 months.

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Suweeeeeettttttt… Thanks for doing that so quickly.

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