Bulk Entry for Training

Is there a Bulk Entry for Training? I don’t see one, but I might just be missing it.




I’ve not seen one either, but it’d be nice to have that option :slight_smile:

Hi @JeffreyBerry,

Thanks for using the Community! Bulk entry for Trainings sounds like an interesting and useful idea. I’m going to switch your category from “Ask a Question” to “Ideas” so we can get some more feedback and consider it for development.

Thanks @JeffreyBerry, for adding to this idea!

We look forward to hearing more from the community on this! Thank you all!

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I agree and have often thought the same thing. We often run training for things like ILST and to enter each youth individually is laborious. Most recently we held a CPR class for 19. I updated who was present and went to use the new tab to bulk record their course and… It’s only advancement :frowning: so I guess I will have to do it when I can find an hour or so. But hey 'it’s only an hour a week! :wink: Please add bulk training! Thanks and keep up the good work we love TTrack!

It’s a good idea. Sometimes we have a lot of training to enter, but the completion dates are different for each person. I’d like to see a tabular form for bulk entry to make it easier to use.


Will you please post a link in this conversation to the comments you referred to?

Thank you!

Having trouble linking to the comment, but here’s a link to the thread regarding refining bulk entry. of badges. See comment from darrenyates. Sorry I can’t do better. :frowning:

Another form of traininig to track would be Anual Swim Tests. It would be helpful to know which Scouts have participated in this for our aquatics activities. Have it expire in one year as a default.

Also - while we don’t want to keep the forms online, we would like to track Med forms in a similar way - expiring physicals and bulk update them. It would be tremendously helpful to have TroopTrack make a report on this type of training.


They already fixed that. If you go to the Training Menu, you can choose the different swim levels and it expires after a year. That is what precipitated my suggestion. When I had to go through all the different Scouts and leaders to input their swim levels it took a while, since they had to be done one at a time.

You are correct that you don’t want to keep the medical forms online. If you go to:


it clearly says that it’s a violation of BSA Policy. It reads - “Records are NOT to be digitized, scanned, sent by email, or stored electronically by unit leaders.”

The reason for this is that these forms then fall under the “HIPPA law” and your troop can be fined big time if you don’t follow those very very strict digital storage laws.

However, I agree it would be nice to have a report of some kind that says that a Scouts/Adult heath form is past a year old, so they are due for a new one.

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I could see a “Recharter” bulk update being needed too - like we have the renewed applications. Track it like Training.

In addition to a bulk entry, it would be wonderful to be able to customize the trainings so that as a GS leader I can also make note of which parents have BALOO, or any of the other special trainings offered by council. Even things like having a lifeguard cert, firearms instructor cert, etc would be useful.

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We added a new Bulk Training feature! :tada: You can find it under the Manage badge as “Record Bulk Training”



Thanks for the good news Spencer!

Not only do I see the bulk training class options, but I see the swimming levels as well.

Thanks so much!


Spencer, I just used this bulk entry feature yesterday and it worked well for me. But I am wondering why you chose to put it where you did it he menus. There is a bulk entry for progress under “Achieve” but bulk entry for training is under “Manage”. I guess training might not be consider an “achievement” but it seems odd they are in two different places.