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It would be much better to treat Swim Test Results like “Training” rather than as “Other” achievements. Swim Tests are only good for one year from the date of test. Our Troop dose swim tests every year prior to camp. So I have to spend alot of time going though each and every name removing or updating the dates from each and every Scouts, as TroopTrack dosn’t remove the test at any point.

If the swim test results werr treated like training, it could expires after a year, so this wouldn’t be necessary. Additionally, the swim test (both beginner and swimmer) are included in second and first class. So if it was set up the way it was in order to “document” that they have passed it at some point, there is no need. This is already done in the “Rank” achievements section.

Also, Adults have to take the swim test, so it would be nice to be able to record their results at all. Currently there is no option to record their results.

Lastly. BSA form 430-122 “Unit Swim Classification Record” is required if if you take your swim test results to camp. It would be nice if TroopTrack automatically filled this out for you and let you print it out for signatures.


This would be very helpful to our troop as well. In fact I put in a request for it quite some time ago.

Hi @JeffreyBerry and @Amorak.

Thank you for using the TroopTrack Community! I really like the ideas you shared about how to handle swim test results and your reasoning behind them. While our busy developers consider this feature, try to get as many TroopTrack members as possible to come onto the Community and add a +1 to the idea.

Thanks for using TroopTrack and have a great day!


Great idea! Love it!


Absolutely agree, another one of these paperwork items that snows us scout leaders under. A custom entry screen might actually be ideal for this. A list of scouts you just checkmark the swim classification for each scout and click add and then it would add a record for each scout. It does need to expire after a year.

I have added swim test training for each level - learner, beginner, and swimmer. They all expire after 12 months. I’ll have to think about the certificate idea a bit.

~ Dave

@dave - I appreciate the changes already made. This will work much better.

I’m not sure what “certificates” you talking about. A certificate might be a good idea, but the BSA doesn’t have one, so I’m not worried about it.

However, a couple of suggestions:

  1. I’m not sure why you have “Swim Test” along with “Swim Test - Learner”, “Swim Test - Beginner”, and “Swim Test - Swimmer”. You may have a great reason for it, but I don’t see it. You are rated one of the three, so the “Swim Test” all by itself seems unneeded. You are by default a “Swim Test - Learner”, so I just don’t see when you would use the plain “Swim Test”.

  2. I would suggest removing the swim test choices from the “Achievement - Other” section. Having both is only going to make it more confusing, and as I said before that section doesn’t “Expire” them. If they remain in TroopTrack it will be misleading.

  3. I know I would find handy if the reports section of TroopTrack could print out a filled in BSA form 430-122 "Unit Swim Classification Record" (located at scouting.org). I have to take that EXACT form to camp and council swimming events and they wont except any other form or print out. It would be nice to just go to “Print Forms” and have TroopTrack spit it out.


  1. This is what I meant by “Certificates”
  2. We will retire those achievements
  3. We will retire the basic swim test training. It was the original training.

Great idea! Non swimmer, Beginner swimmer, swimmer!!!

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Thanks for making the updates Dave.

I see Swimmer and Beginner Swimmer listed under Other Award in Achievements… I do not see Learner Swimmer listed. They are hard to find because they are mixed in with other awards. Is it possible to give swimming it’s own header, or maybe rename them to something like-
Swimmer- Beginner
Swimmer- Learner

I do like Tiffany’s names. I would list them as-
Swimmer- Non
Swimmer Beginner

This way everything is listed in one spot rather than having to search the list in alphabetical order.

Maybe I’m just lazy :):):slight_smile:




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