Age Group Levels-Royal Rangers

Currently for Royal Rangers Age Group Levels there are:

  • Ranger Kids
  • Discovery Rangers
  • Adventure Rangers
  • Expedition Rangers
  • Outpost Leadership Team

However, it would be nice to have a separate group for our Outpost Committee. Sometimes, I need to send these people notifications and sometimes I don’t need to. Is there a way to create another Age Group Level for Outpost Committee? Thanks.

Hi Robert,

If you want to create a new patrol you can click on “manage”, “patrols” and in the top right click on “add a patrol”. There you can create a patrol for your Outpost Committee.


David Keener

I don’t have that option in my account. See the attached screen capture.


Hi @RobertSpeicher,

For you you’ll need to click on “manage”, “age groups” and then “add an age group” in the top right corner.


David Keener

Wow. That worked. Thanks. The level was confusing me, but I see how it works now.
Greatly appreciated. Have a great day.

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