Custom Leadership Positions

For out Adults Leaders, the options are: Commander, Committee, Coordinator, etc.
I’d like to see if we can add: Ranger Kids Commander, Discover Rangers Commander, Adventure Rangers Commander, and Expedition Rangers Commander. Is there a way to do this - I guess I’m asking is there a way to customize these fields? Thanks.

Hi @RobertSpeicher,

I’ve added those leadership positions in so you should see them for Royal Rangers now.


David Keener

Nice. Very nice. Thank you very much.

Not a big deal, it was my mistake, but could you add a “y” to Discover Rangers. It’s actually “Discovery Rangers”. Thanks again. Have a Merry Christmas.

Hi @RobertSpeicher,

Not a problem! I fixed that issue!

Merry Christmas to y’all too.

Looks great! Once again, thanks so much.

Take care.

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