Royal Rangers - Expedition Ranger Merits

Would it be possible to add all the following under the Royal Ranger - Expedition Ranger Merits? It looks like these are some of the missing merits. Below is the link to all the official Silver Merit requirements that I have. If you need it in a different format for you to create these easier, please let me know what you need and I would be more than happy to.

Thanks so much!
Jake Killin

Good morning,
Another request to add merits.

Royal Rangers has added two new skill merits to the program. Can these be added into Troop Track:

Discovery Ranger Skill Merit: Basic Chemistry - the link below has the requirements to add to Troop Track:

Adventure Ranger Skill Merit or Achievement: Blacksmith Basics - the link below has the requirements:

Thank you very much. Have a great day.

  • Robbie Speicher, Royal Rangers Outpost 9, Maryland

Good morning,

Not sure where to put these, but here is another change request for Royal Rangers Advancement steps.

In Troop Track, the Discovery Ranger Silver Eagle requirements say 12 Elective Skill Merits.

However, Royal Rangers requires only 11 Elective Skill Merits for Silver Eagle.

See the below link for documentation for this change request:

Thanks again,

Robbie Speicher, Outpost 9

The best option for items like this is to send an e-mail to with the link and they will add or change them. Right now the TT staffing is limited and they are super busy so are several weeks behind however they will get to it and get it updated.

Thanks AaronStorey. I just emailed Greatly appreciated. Have a great day.