AHG and Paypal

Has anyone from AHG used Paypal to pay for badges? Does this go against the AHG regulation of not having girl accounts?

Trying to streamline paying for badges earned outside of troop.

I’ve been toying with the idea of using PayPal as well, I just need to finish looking all the details up and working it out!

I don’t see that this would count as girl accounts, simply a parent payment. We have set our Money Accounts up as Family Accounts. So for myself, I have 5 girls, when we are billed for badges and other things, the charges go in for all my girls. Whether I pay by check or cash, the amount I paid is credited to my account showing that I paid. The money is counted as payment for my family that goes into the general fund.

We use the money feature a little differently though. Our treasurer doesn’t use the TT money feature. We only use it to track what families owe for things they purchase through the troop. So the girls all fundraise at the beginning of the year, and that goes into the general fund and is budgeted out. Part of that fundraising pays for 6 badges per girl per calendar year, once a girl earns beyond that, we bill the family $3.25 per badge they earn. That amount they owe is entered into TT. Then when they pay, we enter that information as well in their “family account”. If that family were to pay with a check or cash, we would note that and their receipt number (if paid by cash). Paypal would just be another way to collect the funds using a debit/credit card. The money you collect is just going to go into your general fund to reimburse your troop for the money spent. Does that make sense?