Paypal Question

Is there somewhere I can look at to attempt to figure out how to link Paypal to our TT account? We are toying with the idea of having families start to pay for things directly through PayPal and cut down on the checks. But I need to THOROUGHLY understand how the process works so that I can explain it to the Board and families.


I’m also curious if we can do this with family accounts instead of individual accounts. We don’t charge event fees, 99% of our events’ costs are figured into our fundraising amount. But our families do have to pay for badges and such. If I set this up, and money is placed into our troop account, will I see who has paid for what?

I don’t want to go to the trouble of setting all this up and not be able to use it efficiently. I’m just looking for some more guidance on how to do this without screwing it up. :wink: