American Heritage Girls- Payments & Data Flow

Is there an ETA on when AHG will accept payments through Troop Track?

Hi @michellewalker99,

I’m not sure what you mean. Will you please clarify? Are you talking about AHG Connect?

Yes. I purchased Troop Track to help with the manual process of taking payments from parents then having to pay for it on AHGconnect. I thought Troop Track would work for us the same way as it does Trail life but unfortunately when my families were signing up on Troop track there wasn’t an option for them to pay the $26 annual dues to AHG. I contacted my support team leader on the AHG connect website and she advised they currently do not take payments through Troop Track. I felt a bit misled that troop track would work for us in that manner, but kept our membership because of the great features in managing the awards/badges. Just curious if you had any information on when AHG will be able to make payment through troop track like traillife can. Thanks- sorry for any confusion

Oh, I see.

So Trail Life is its own product. Yes, it is based on TroopTrack, but they pay us consulting fees to make their product specific to them. That includes the membership fees.

We also built AHG Connect, but that is entirely on its own and not necessarily based on TroopTrack. They also pay us consulting fees to work on their specific product.

You can certainly accept payments through TroopTrack, but I haven’t heard of any plans to allow you to pay your dues directly from TroopTrack to AHG Connect. (That doesn’t mean there aren’t plans, but if there are, I am not privi to them.)

Let me know if you have any other questions or if I need to clarify.