AHG - Badge Wishlist

A spin-off from my original request:

It would be great if the girls could keep a “wishlist” of badges they would like to work on, too. Then we could see what the girls are interested in and what skill sets we have in the troop to accommodate those badges.

Would be great if we could display the badges in order of popularity (and grouped by rank) along with the availability of parents who could teach the badge.

Maybe put a “Wishlist” button on the Manage > Units screen, next to Progress Report.

You could collect the wishlist data on Profile > Achievements, by having another button next to “Start Achievement” labelled “Badge Wishlist” that would let the girl select only badges that she has not completed, and that are available to her at her level.

Just another thought!

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Love this idea! Our troop has 95 girls and we have some of the same thoughts. Last year we had parents fill out a form for their skill sets and it was handy but it wasn’t like we could just copy 9 sets of 120 copies for all the leaders. My only other thought is to allow the parents to ability to fill in their skill sets, then leaders could pull a report that would let them see who their options are to contact for a specific badge.