Merit Badge Wish List

I haven’t found it anywhere on the site - so I thought I would propose a Merit Badge Wish List for future enhancement. Often as troop leaders, we want to know the MB interests of the scouts and what merit badges they want to work on next. Also we have Merit Badge Clinics that the boys can participate in locally, and they only offer a few merit badge choices. A Wish List would allow us to quickly match a scout with an offered clinic in the area and direct our troop leadership to the Merit Badges that the majority of the troop wants to achieve. We also invest in the MB books and knowing what most boys want to work on would direct us into what books to buy. Does a top 10 ranking make sense? I appreciate any feedback and consideration.

John Cushing
Troop 46 LeClaire, IA

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Great idea, John. I’ve included this within a broader idea of more Badge checkbox capabilities here, in case you want to check that out and see if it fits what you were thinking…

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