AHG Connect Import Improvements (10/24/2015)

We just released a few minor enhancements:

1) The "promote" feature on the Manage -> Dens/Patrols/Units/Troops page now separates the youth from the adults and includes "check all" boxes.

2) Importing from AHG Connect will not override the name of the household or the last or first names of your members if you have changed them to differ from AHG Connect.

3) AHG Connect imports now include the joined on date and will set the registered member value for users who are registered.

4) AHG service star calculations will now be performed if you delete service hours.

5) We fixed a bug in the AHG Connect import that was causing girls to not be placed in the appropriate unit for their level.

We also worked on improving our PayPal integration to be more reliable, but we aren't quite ready to release it.

Have a great weekend!