Important fix to the AHG Connect importer (03/22/2016)

Well... yesterday's release of categories for money transactions was a bit of a comedy of errors. Except it wasn't funny. We think we've got everything squared up now. Here is the list of things we fixed this morning (items with an asterisk were introduced as part of yesterday's release).

1) Creating a transaction that is not a transfer no longer requires that you include a transfer-to account. *

2) Signing up for a free trial is no longer crashing. *

3) Editing a transaction now shows the proper fields. *

4) The new "money" menu is now available to BSA and TLUSA troops.

5) We fixed a really confusing bug with the AHG Connect importer. If a girl had two or more level awards in AHG Connect that were not complete, the importer was replacing the requirements of the last incomplete award with the requirements of the first incomplete award. For example, let's say Susie has not completed the Fanny Crosby and Sacagawea awards and you imported from AHG Connect. Susie's record wouldn't show the Fanny Crosby award at all and her Sacagawea award would show the Fanny Crosby requirements. This is fixed.

I'm very relieved to have figured out #5. It's been vexing me for a while and was a source of significant frustration for our AHG troops.

If you find you have a girl with one of these mixed up achievements, you can just delete it from her profile and then either import again or just add it directly.

Have a great day!

~ Dave