Import New Scouts into TroopTrack

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I’d like to see an import feature where we could import a spreadsheet into TT for adding new scouts.

I have a number of boys joining this year, and having TT suck all the data from a spreadsheet or text file sure beats hand typing in every scout and parents.

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We’ve actually been discussing something like this. I believe one of the developers has started work on a project that will separate out (starting with just one feature, like equipment lists), and allow you to directly edit a secure, personal database (maybe in like a spreadsheet format), so you will be able to just enter info or upload a spreadsheet into it. This would allow for SUPER quick entry and any user who has that page open would be able to see the change instantly without refreshing the screen. We are starting small on this, and it is still a ways off, but we foresee eventually allowing you to do everything like this. It will eliminate a lot of problems, and make changes instantaneously. We are pretty stoked about the idea, but we are taking baby steps.

I would like to Integrate with AHG Connect and have the ability to select the new members that need to be added instead of overwriting everything in TT already. I’m always afraid that’s going to change things that we don’t need or want changed.

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I have put in the question/request to give TT access to connect to the BSA database. If we could create an adapter or pull the data through API, that would save several hours for each person that uses TT, in manually entering boys and their achievements. I hope this has been put at the top of the list of product enhancement requests

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This would be fantastic!!!

Not only could we keep up with advancements and badges, things like adult training could be kept up to date as well.

Thanks Kelly!!


There was never a reply to this. I guess I didn’t state it as a question.

Can I integrate with AHG Connect every time we have a new member during the year, so I don’t need to manually enter all the information and possibly make mistakes? I’m concerned that integrating multiple times during the year will overwrite information that we’ve added to Troop Track.

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It may update contact information, but I think most AHG troops use the integration feature liberally. You can do it either way.

Just in case everyone else didn’t see, we now offer a general importer: User Importer for All Unit Types