AHG Honor Troop patch

Hi! Currently, the AHG Honor Troop patch is a one-time use, but it can be earned by the troop every year. Sometimes the troop earns the same achievement (i.e. Ruby or Sapphire or Diamond) multiple years in a row, but the girl is at her new level and would need a new patch. Is there a way for you to make the Honor Troop patches in all of their iterations repeatable?

Thank you!

Hi @VictoriaBement,

I’ve updated those awards to be repeatable and they’re loading back in. Is it just the Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond that are repeatable? Not the 1st year as well?


David Keener

First year would not be repeatable.

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Hi @Keener-Trooptrack
@mwestcott is correct…just Ruby, Sapphire, & Diamond are repeatable

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